Wednesday, 21 May 2014 - a website that every freelance animator should know about is a website that every freelancer should know about. Why? Because it's a way of finding and hiring skilled freelancers, people you may never have heard and have never worked with before. So how does it work, and how might it benefit an animator?

Let's say you're doing a small job for a client that involves stuff you can't deliver yourself, like a website, or a piece of graphic design that is outside your own skillset. In a perfect world, you might get your friends and colleagues - people you know and trust - to do the work. But, failing that, might have the answer.

What you do is this: You post the job, invite bids, and ultimately find someone online who can do the work for you, at a price you can afford.  Once the work is done, you still deliver the whole, completed job to the client. result: everyone is happy.

Equally, you can post your own skills online, bid on jobs, and start to build a successful portfolio career as a freelance digital artist by doing work for other people. What does it put freelancers and jobs together. So, if you're serious about building a career as a freelancer - it's a great place to start.

(Editor's note: for more information on building a freelance career, see our post on your first freelance animation job. Also see our post on starting your own small animation business, learn how to create an invoice, and see how we are helping our students find work through our film co-operative Nano Films.  Download the free Escape Studios Careers in VFX Handbook. Take a look at how can help you find a job, and read our piece about how to survive as a freelance animator. Also, find out what Cinesite look for in a student's demo reel, and read our post on setting up your own animation business.)

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