Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Blue Zoo at SIGGRAPH tomorrow in London!

Blue Zoo, one of the UK's most innovative indie animation studios, is the star of the next SIGGRAPH event, on Wednesday May 25 at MPC in London's Soho, at 7pm.

The founders of BlueZoo will be talking about how they nurtured their fledgling company from an idea into a multi-million pound animation powerhouse.  Best of all, the event is completely free!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Animation Demo Reel Clinic at Escape Studios on Wednesday 25 May at 5pm

I'll be doing a webinar at Escape Studios on wednesday - all about animation demo reels; how to make them, how to perfect them, and how to use them to land your first job in the industry.

If you're working on you animation demo reel (aren't we all?) and you'd like to make your reel the best it possibly can be - sign up now for the webinar.  Best of all - it's completely free!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

ChargeSync - Our Latest Nano Film!

Our students at Animation Apprentice have just completed their latest freelance commercial project: Chargesync.  Chargesync is a tech company that makes electricity storage devices that people can put in their homes, saving money on their electricity bills and helping to reduce their carbon footprint as well. The purpose of the film is to help electricity consumers understand exactly what it is that Chargesync do. Animation is a wonderful tool for taking complex ideas and getting them across in a simple, clear way. And this film was a great way for our students to get paid experience of working on a live freelance job - for a great company with a great message.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

How To Load 3DS Max Files Into Maya

Visit a website like Turbosquid and you will find plenty of cool stuff, much of it free, to help you with your animation. You might want to download a set, or a prop, something to make your shot come alive, and quickly - you don't want to waste precious animation time modelling complex props and sets.

But what if the only available file type for download is a 3DS Max file? Max is a popular platform for learning animation and, while is it much less widely used in industry than Maya, there is lots of great free content out there in the 3DS Max format. So, what we need is a way to import 3DS Max files into Maya.  Fortunately, it's pretty easy when you know how.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Studio Library - Tool To Manage Poses in Maya

Autodesk Maya has its weaknesses, and one of these is the difficulty of copying and pasting your animation from one character rig to another.

Maya also lacks a user friendly interface for saving out and re-using your character poses.

Fortunately, the free Studio Library tool now offers Maya animators a Python script for managing poses and transferring animation in Maya.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Pete Nicholson - Animator at King Bee Animation

We're delighted to congratulate Animation Apprentice student Pete Nicholson who has just landed a job with King Bee animation, based at the historic Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, just outside of London.

Pete got the job after doing an internship at King Bee; a tried and tested route into the industry. Internships are often - in effect - a kind of prolonged interview process. Which, in this case, had a happy ending.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Pitch Your Idea for a TV Series at Cartoon Forum!

What is Cartoon Forum? And why should animators know about it? Well, Cartoon Forum is Europe's biggest TV pitch-fest for animation, so if you have an idea for a TV series in your head, Cartoon Forum is the place to pitch it.

The deadline to submit your TV project is 11 May. So, you have just one week to sharpen your pencils, fill out some forms - and make your pitch perfect.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

What Is "Safe Title" And "Safe Action"?

Red is unsafe. Safe action is in yellow. Safe title is in green.
What Are Safe Title and Safe Action?  And why do animators need to know? The answer is that an understanding of the language of cinematography and film is part of what our students learn on their professional journey.

After all, animators are film-makers, and we need to be familiar with industry standard terms. We need to know not just about animation but also about cameras; how to use them and what to do with them.

So, what exactly, do the words "safe action" and "safe title" mean?

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Get Ready For Our May 9th Class!

What kind of preparation should students do before starting with us  at Animation Apprentice on May 9th?  It's always good to do a little preparation and get a bit of a head start.

Below is a brief list of stuff to get you under way. You don't have to do all of it, but tick off a few of the things on this list and you will be a making a great start on your animation career.

First, here is a short reading list to get you started. We've narrowed it down to two books that we recommend for all our students.