Friday, 28 March 2014

What do Producers Do, Exactly?

Jeffrey Katzenberg - the uber producer
What does a producer do, exactly? This is an important question for anyone who hopes to go into the entertainment business. Here at Animation Apprentice we teach students to animate. But we don't teach producing, and perhaps we should. After all, when you go to the movies and watch the credits, there seem to be a lot of producers. And also sub-species of producer. Like associate producers. And executive producers. And line producers. And creative producers. And what do all these titles mean anyway?

Thursday, 27 March 2014

How Do Graduates Find Work in the Animation Industry?

How do animation graduates find work in the animation industry? At Animation Apprentice we get asked this question a great deal. There is no simple or straightforward answer.

Jobs in the entertainment industry have always been highly competitive, and the supply of trained graduates competing for the best entry-level positions has never been greater.

 Official jobs postings, word of mouth, rumours in the pub, personal contacts, even cold-calling - all of these can be effective ways to find work in the business. Below are the twelve key rules that we think are vital for success.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Aardman Animation film competition - "Success against the odds"

National Accident Helpline has teamed up with Aardman Animation to run an animation competition called 'Success against the odds'. Aspiring animators are invited to create a short animation on this theme, for a chance to win a tour of the Aardman studios, a 'Make a Morph' workshop, an original Morph artwork signed by Peter Lord, plus paid travel expenses and accommodation. The winner and shortlisted entrants will also get personalised feedback on their animation from Aardman.