Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Escape Studios VFX Careers guide 2014 - free!

Escape Studios is London's leading private provider of visual effects training. Among the many resources they offer students is their annual Careers Guide, an invaluable handbook for any aspiring visual effects artist - including animators. Escape Studios go to a great deal of trouble to track the latest trends in the digital market, focusing especially on the skills that are currently in high demand. After all, their goal is to place their students in well-paid work in the best visual effects houses in Soho. We recommend that all of our students at Animation Apprentice sign up for a copy. Best of all, it's absolutely free.

Escape Studios are based in Shepherd's Bush in West London. Their course are a lot like a well structured university course - only compressed into much less time. Sign up for one of their courses (which are excellent) and be prepared to work evenings and weekends to keep up with the workload. And don't even think of trying to combine it with a part-time job.

How is the visual effects industry doing in London? Not too bad, it seems, especially since the extraordinary work done by Framestore on Gravity, London is more than ever seen as a global destination for top-quality visual effects work. The pool of talent in London is ever-growing, and we want our students to be a part of that success story. Read the Escape Studios careers guide, and get educated - it applies just as much to work in the USA, or Canada, or Australia - or indeed anywhere where the visual effects industry is growing. All you need to do is register and log in.



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