Monday, 26 May 2014

Can Our Students at Animation Apprentice Make You a Short Animated Film?

Here at Animation Apprentice we often get asked this question: Can your students make me a short animated film? The answer is a loud and enthusiastic yes. We love making animated films, and we love doing "live briefs" for outside clients. We have even set up a small film co-operative at especially to create short films.
How does it work?
Check out our website at and see what we have done for our clients. We have made films for as little as £1,000, and even if you have a very, very tight budget we can still make you something exciting and special. Our students are super-talented and they like taking on small freelance jobs to develop their portfolios and become fully-fledged professionals. We will make you something you will be proud of.

What sort of thing can we do?
Everyone needs an animated film, even if they don't know it yet. Maybe it will be an animated logo, a mini infomercial, something to play on a smart phone, or a short film on their website, something that makes their business unique and different, something that reaches audiences (especially younger ones) who don't want to read pages of text.

What if I don't have a budget?
The only trouble is - the cost. Animation is time-consuming and expensive. But what if we could make animated films really cheaply, for a tiny budget? Then, surely, everyone could afford one, and businesses all over the world would queue up to commission small films. That's what we do at Nano Films - make great films for a tiny price.

How does it all work?
To make the process work, we need a little help from you. In particular, we will be looking for answers to the following questions:
  • What is the story you want to tell? It helps a lot if you have a story in mind. We can help you flesh one out, but having a fairly decent idea in of what your story is, is a huge help.
  • How long is it? Remember that animation is slow, expensive, and time-consuming. Anything over 2-3 minutes is probably too long.
  • Who is it for? If it's for charity, that's a big plus. We will gladly help out a good cause but we don't want to work on freebies for, say, Goldman Sachs. They can afford to pay.
  • What style do you want? Everyone likes Toy Story, but we can't deliver Pixar quality on a shoestring budget. If you can show us a relatively simple style of animation that you like, this helps point us in the right direction.
Great! How do we get started?
If you would like a short film made here at Animation Apprentice, email me at We'll do our level best to help you out and create something truly excellent.


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