Friday, 27 November 2015

Escape Studios Launch New Animation Course in February 2016!

Here at Animation Apprentice we believe in the power of online learning, a flexible tool which allows our students to fit their studies around busy lives.

But, for some people, classroom study can be a more attractive option. We don't run classroom courses ourselves, but I'll be teaching a new three month animation course at Escape Studios in West London next year.

Starting on 15th February, the  course includes twelve weeks intensive classroom tuition plus a further three months on-line mentoring, so that students can practice in their own time and polish their skills.

What is this new course all about?
This 3D animation course includes twelve weeks intensive classroom tuition plus 3 months on-line feedback and mentoring. After completing the classroom study, students are set a series of projects and submit weekly progress updates for feedback during a three month period.

Who is teaching it?
I am.  I have worked on almost 40 animated films in the last 25 years, including The Lion King, The Iron Giant, The last three Harry Potter Films and, most recently, Paddington.

You can see some of my visual effects animation below:

What specifically will students learn?
You will get a hands-on experience with 3D Animation techniques, culminating in the creation of a first-class demo reel to show to prospective employers. Some of the skills you will learn include:
  • Character Locomotion and Body Mechanics
  • Character Performance - Acting, Mime and Pantomime
  • Creature Locomotion and Mechanics
  • Bringing 3D Animated Characters to life
  • Creature Performance
What kind of work are students being trained to do?
Animation has grown from a small cottage craft industry into a global business. Animation is everywhere; in movies, TV shows, phone apps, and the web.  Animators can go on to work in all parts of the entertainment business. 

What have other students at Escape Studios done?
To see some of the Escape Studios students' excellent work, check out the demo reel below.

What have Escape Studios students gone on to do?
Tons of cool stuff! Escape prides itself on prioritising the employability of students and focusing on making them job-ready.  At the latest count, there are around 4,000 "Escapees" working in the animation and VFX industry.  

To see some of their students' Success Stories, follow this link.

What if I want to try it out for a day before signing up for the whole course?
You're in luck! Escape are running a one-day animation taster session on December 2nd, and there are still a few spots left. You can apply here.  It's only £25 and it going to be awesome!

Where can I find out more about the 3D Animation course?
To see the official page, follow this link.


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