Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Angelo Garrizone Animation Intern at King Bee

Angelo Garizzone
Many Congratulations to Animation Apprentice graduate Angelo Garrizone who has recently landed an animation internship with King Bee animation, based at the historic Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, just outside of London.

King Bee have worked on many animation projects, including music videos and TV series. They use Maya, Flash and Photoshop to do much of their work.

Angelo worked hard at building an animation demo reel, and also had to complete a test in Adobe Animate in order to secure the position.

Angelo Garizzone
Angelo Garizzone is a graduate of Animation Apprentice. You can see his demo reel at Vimeo below.

3D Character Animation Demo Reel 2020 - Student Angelo Garizzone from Angelo Garizzone on Vimeo.

Animation Apprentice graduates at King Bee
Angelo joins a number of other Animation Apprentice graduates who have found their first animation job at King Bee, such as Anna Laura Zielinska, Emma Thorpe, and Peter Nicholson, all of who went on to enjoy career success.

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