Thursday, 28 March 2019

Pete Nicholson's Animation Job Tips

Pete Nicholson
Pete Nicholson graduated from Animation Apprentice a while back and, thanks to a strong demo reel and plenty of perseverance, he quickly found work in the animation industry, starting his animation career at Nano Films and later at King Bee.

Today he is working as an animator at Dead Ready Productions, where was recently involved in hiring a new After Effects animator.  What he discovered, going through the applications, was pretty striking.

You might think that the competition for animation jobs is intense - and it is. But you might also be surprised how many applications go into the bin because of simple, basic (and very easy to avoid) mistakes made by the applicant. 
For example, "Over half the applications I went through included either no link at all to a showreel or a broken link"

In other words:

"attaching a working link to your reel put you ahead of over half the competition".

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