Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Anna Zielinska Animator at Fundamental VR

Anna Zielinska
Many congratulations to Animation Apprentice graduate Anna Laura Zielinska on her job as an animator at Fundamental VR, a company that specialises in medical animation - bringing surgical procedures to life, and helping to teach the next generation of surgeons their life-saving skills.

Fundamental surgery specialises in low-cost virtual reality surgical simulation.  Digital surgical simulations provide medical professionals with low-risk hands-on experience,  resulting in much better patient outcomes.

Anna Laura Zielinska
Anna graduated from our online Masters degree with Bucks New University, using the tutorial videos and feedback at Animation Apprentice to hone her skills.  Medical animation is still a new field for animators, a departure from our traditional role as entertainers, helping instead to advance medical knowledge and procedures.

Fundamental VR
Fundamental VR is an animation company, one that helps to empower surgeons, enabling them to better understand their processes. They animate surgical procedures, to teach surgeons how to carry out their work.

Prior to her work at Fundamental VR, Anna worked at Touch Surgery in London. Her first break into industry was an internship at King Bee Animation in London.

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