Sunday, 29 March 2015

Learn the Art of Film-making For Free at

We live in an age in which it is possible to learn almost anything online. All you really need is the determination to concentrate - free of distractions - and dedicate enough time to learn the subject properly. Film is no exception to this, and one excellent site that we highly recommend is, a free website with all kinds of excellent resources on how to make movies. Any serious student of film should navigate to it, bookmark it, and drink deep from the well.

What is
A site dedicated to the art and craft of film making.

Where can I find it?

What are the good bits?
We recommend you follow this link to which has some excellent material on the basics of camera and cinematography.

I'm an animator -why do I need to learn this?
Because camera and cinematography are at the very heart of film-making. You can't tell a story without understanding shot progression, and this means knowing where to put the camera, and when. Is it a wide shot? A close-up? How do you get from one shot to the next? Animators are film-makers and story-tellers, and we need to study film-making just like anyone else.

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