Friday, 13 March 2015

Free Animation Tutorials at

Animation Methods
One of the biggest changes in recent years in the study of animation has been the vast quantity of resources available on the web, either for free or at very low cost.  One site that looks very interesting is, which has tons of free tutorials on how to carry out a large variety of animation tasks.  For anyone studying animation and trying to engage seriously with the medium, this looks like a great place to learn new skills.

Free videos include:

  • Animate cameras in Maya
  • Animate trees
  • Use the Graph Editor
  • Animate blood (!)
  • Create a camera blur
  • Make a playblast

Not all the videos are free, but many of them are very inexpensive. For just $12.99 you can learn to:

  • Set up an FK/IK arm switcher
  • Animate a run cycle
  • Rig for animation

To find out more, follow this link:

We encourage all our students to do free video tutorials whenever possible. Of course, learning individual tutorials online is not a substitute for a proper, well-organised curriculum, but the desire to learn new skills and try new methods will always bring its rewards.

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