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What Makes Animation Apprentice Different? - Seven Reasons Why We Think We're The Business

Welcome to Animation Apprentice!
Nowadays there are a number of places you can study animation online, without needing to spend three years or more of your life at University. So what makes us different from the other online schools? We believe that Animation Apprentice is unique among animation schools, and that we offer the best possible student experience. So what exactly makes us unique and special?

Reason Number One:
We have over 200 training videos exclusively for your use. We don't just give you a general push in the right direction - we show you how, step by step, to complete each exercise. You get proper, clear instruction in how to animate. It is a complete course in character and creature animation from start to finish.

Reason Number Two
Bespoke feedback. We don't just give general criticism on a shot, or draw lines on the screen to show you how you might make it better. We go one step further and actually open up your shot for you, showing you step by step how to make it better. To see a sample feedback video, follow this link. Every week you get a super high resolution video that shows you exactly how to improve your work. It's like going to a mechanic and having them not just fix your car, but show you step by step how, next time, you can fix it yourself.

Reason Number Three
Learn in your own time. You can download the video feedback when you like, and watch it in your own time, fixing your own shot as you go along. The whole point of online study is it is a flexible tool. Almost all of our students have day jobs, and we recognise that life sometimes gets in the way of a weekly delivery. Don't worry - you can relax and take your time.

Alex Williams
Reason Number Four
No random tutors. You get bespoke feedback from award winning animator and animation Apprentice founder Alex Williams, an artist with 20 years experience in the classroom and 25 years of working in the industry. You can find out more about him here at IMDB, and here at Wikipedia.

Reason Number Five
Reasonable pricing. We don't know anyone who offers a course this good for a lower price. If you find someone, let us know and we will beat the price! That's our price guarantee. We aim to the best course, and the best value.

Reason Number Seven
We actively help our students find work. If a job comes along that we hear about, we will recommend our students. Also, we offer regular small freelance jobs to our students through our commercials co-op at You won't find another school that offers actual paid work experience for their students.

Shout it from the rooftops - our students love our course!
Reason Number Six
Our students love our course. Here is a selection of things our students have said about Animation Apprentice:

"incredible, brilliant feedback! Superb on every level. Animation is definitely making me think! Loving it! Totally enjoying it" - Amanda Tan, Student at Animation Apprentice

"I love getting this type of feedback...its a great way of seeing improvements and being able to remedy them in future. Your theory videos are action packed with great references, thoughts and ideas. I'm pleased to say I am completely hooked on the course. It's been awesome." 
- Philip Loeffler, Student at Animation Apprentice

"Thank you so much for the fantastic feedback- what a course- receiving personally recorded video feedback- how cool is that!? intense, serious learning going on - make the time and you will be rewarded"  - Alexi Balian, Student at Animation Apprentice

"Absolutely amazing feedback" - Kevin Scorey, Student at Animation Apprentice

"As a student, I feel more and more looked after, safe in the knowledge that we're surrounded by people who know their stuff :) This course gets better and better, week on week. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Feeling so inspired!" - Marc Godfrey, student at Animation Apprentice

Learning never stops

Reason Number Seven
We don't stop helping you when the course is done. Our Facebook page is visited regularly by our graduates, and we will gladly give free support and feedback to all our alumni. Just because the course is over, doesn't mean the teaching and learning stops!

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