Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Think You Know Your Animation History? Test your Knowledge with our QUIZ!

Call yourself an animator? Think you know the history of animation? Remember that plenty of studios want to know not just that you know how to animate, but that you have a decent general knowledge about the industry you work in. Can you tell the difference between a Merry Melody and Looney Tune? We think of animation as a modern medium, but in fact it has a long history going back at least to the ancient Chinese. So, it's time to sharpen your pencil, get yourself a piece of paper, and test your knowledge with our Animation History Quiz! The story begins 18,000 years BC....

The Quiz takes the form of two videos, hosted at YouTube and embedded below:

Part 1

Part 2

There are 99 questions and the whole thing takes around half an hour to complete. 

Here's how to grade yourself:
10-20 out of 99 - hopeless. Become an accountant
20-30 out of 99 - Remedial animation history lessons needed
30-50 out of 99 - hmmm....not bad. You're doing well, and you clearly know your subject
50-70 out of 99 - Pretty amazing, given that many of the questions are tough
70-99 out of 99 - Clearly cheating!