Saturday, 5 July 2014

Ten Reasons to Study with Animation Apprentice

Why study with Animation Apprentice? We think we offer the highest quality, best value animation training anywhere in the world. Here are ten reasons why we believe we are the best place to learn the art and craft of 3D animation - all without having to leave your home.

1. Learn with our proven training techniques.

I have been animating at major animation and VFX studios for 25 years, and teaching animation for over 15 years. All my students have exclusive access to my classroom-tested lectures and tutorials. You will receive feedback and attention from me personally as you progress through the course. I am confident in the teaching materials and I believe that there is nowhere better to study animation.

2. Master practical animation techniques

A relentless focus on practical skills means that you will finish the course with real-world animation skills - vital for applying for and getting that crucial first job. The training can be applied to character, creature, VFX, TV, advertising and games animation. Most students will take their opportunities where they find them - so you need to be trained for everything.

3. Structured program of lectures materials and tutorials.

The course structure is designed to build gradually in complexity so that each exercise is just slightly more difficult than the last - building your confidence as you gain in skill and learn new techniques. You won't be rushed and you won't fall behind, and you won't get confused with technical detail you don't need. The course concentrates on what you need to know to become a great animator.

4. Customize your course.

All our students will have different needs, so we we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We can help you pick from our modules to build your own bespoke course - whatever suits you and your personal needs. If there is something you want that we don't appear to offer, just ask.

5. Flexibility.

Learn in your own time and at your own pace. Mentored learning means learning when you have the time and the opportunity; evenings and weekends if that is what suits you best.

6. Custom Feedback.

You will receive weekly bespoke personal feedback. We open your shot and show how it can be made better, recording every click using screen capture software so you can see exactly how your work can be improved. Missed something? Just rewind and watch again. We believe that online study really is a better mousetrap - superior to classroom learning because you learn at your own pace, when it suits you, getting personal attention from your tutor.

7. Value for Money.

We offer more competitive prices than any of our competitors because we have very low overheads. We pride ourselves in giving excellent feedback and a bespoke service, for much less than the competition - we pass our savings on to you. Compare our prices with other online animation schools - we offer the best value by far.

8. Focus on your Demo Reel

Every week you should ask yourself - can this shot go on your demo reel? Each tutorial is designed to lead to a completed exercise which, at the end of the course can be polished and used on your demo reel. The goal of the course is to end up with a great reel, the single most important thing that any employer wants to see. Nothing else comes close.

9. Industry Partners

We have many contacts and good relationships in the animation and VFX industry. Many of our modules and tutorials have been designed with the advice of leading animation, VFX and advertising companies so that we can give you real-world experience of the needs of industry. Practical skills are vital for landing your first job - and we want to help you get there.

10. Build an Online Community with Other Students

Upload your shots to YouTube and log in to our Online Classroom at Facebook. Share your own work, see what other students are doing that week, compare notes and get feedback. You are not alone!

To read more about how Animation Apprentice works, see this post, and to see the book every animator should own, click here.  To see how our feedback videos work, see this postTo see how we judge a great piece of animation, click here, and if you're wondering whether to choose a Mac or a PC, read this post.

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