Sunday, 27 December 2015

Recommended Free Rigs - Squirrely!

This squirrel rig is a nice cartoony rig that can be used for some fun character animation. It was created by the very talented Josh Burton and can be downloaded for free at Creative Crash.

The only tricky part about animating with the Squirrely rig is the enormous tail - which is almost a character in itself.

Lots of your time will be spend doing overlapping action and follow-through, to make the tail feel natural.

Still, what did you expect - a squirrel with no tail?

To see some excellent animation featuring the squirrelly rig, check out this shot by Animation Apprentice student Henry Fenwick below.

This is one of a number of quality shots on Henry's demo reel that helped him get a job with Jellyfish Pictures, one of London's boutique animation and VFX houses.

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