Monday, 16 November 2020

Lee Caller "Special Mention" Award at ANSFF

"Jelly Cars": Special Mention at ANSFF
Animation Apprentice is proud to congratulate Lee Caller whose short film Jelly Cars has won a "Special Mention" Award at the Arte Non Stop Film Festival in Argentina. 

This is the second award for Jelly Cars; earlier this year the short won a "Five Stars" Award at the British International Amateur Film Festival.  Lee graduated from Animation Apprentice several years ago and now teaches animation at Escape Studios in London. 

About Jelly Cars
Jelly Cars is a short animated film about a car trying to find a parking space in the urban jungle.   

Lee teaches a class at Escape Studios
Lee Caller
Lee Caller is a graduate of Animation Apprentice who now teaches Short Course, Advanced Animation and MA animation students at Escape Studios in London.

Lee is an animator who combines technical skill with a strong story-telling element - the perfect ingredients for a great animation performance.

Lee also has a Master's degree in Animation from Buckinghamshire New University, having taken our Online MA in 3D Animation at Bucks. 

You can find Lee's IMDB profile here.  To see Jelly Cars at IMDB, follow this link.  

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