Friday, 27 January 2017

Emma Thorpe Animator at King Bee Animation

An internship at an animation studio is often a necessary first step to entering the industry. An internship gives you real-world experience of the business, will helps you to build contacts and - hopefully - might even lead to a full-time job.

In December last year Animation Apprentice student Emma Thorpe landed an internship with King Bee animation, based at the historic Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, just outside of London. And, fortunately, that internship has since turned into a job.

Emma Thorpe
Emma took our three month intensive animation short course at Escape Studios last summer, supplementing her classroom studies with online learning through Animation Apprentice.  We congratulate Emma on starting her career in animation at King Bee!

King Bee have worked on many animation projects, including music videos and TV series. They use Maya, Flash and Photoshop to do much of their work. To see the King Bee reel, watch the video below.

And to find some free online tutorials in Flash, follow this link.

Internships might at first sound like a bad deal. Often, you're working for free, and the work might be repetitive and sometimes dull.  You may be making a lot of coffee.  But if you think of an internship as a kind of extended job interview, with the possibility of something more permanent at the end of it, it starts to look more enticing.

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