Friday, 23 December 2016

Student Showcase: Follow-Through Animation by Joris Van Laar

Above is a short piece of animation showcasing follow-through and overlapping action - by one of our MA students, Joris Van Laar.  It's a lovely piece of work, simple but full of character and invention. Follow through and overlapping action together form part of the fundamental principles of animation, first set out in print by Disney legends Ollie Johnstone and Frank Thomas in their classic book "The Illusion of Life".

It's all about flexibility - letting the soft moving parts of a character (such as long hair or a tail) follow through the main action or the body. The exercise is designed to teach animators how to use these principles and give their characters flexibility and believability. Congratulations to Joris on a stellar piece of animation!

And to find the foxy tailed rig, named "Ultimate Tailed", and downloadable at, follow this link.

To see how to use the Ultimate Tailed Rig effectively, follow this link.

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