Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Escape Studios to Host "Evening With" talk Tonight, Wednesday November 16th

Escape Studios is hosting a free "Evening With" talk tonight, Wednesday November 16th at their mid-town campus at 190 High Holborn.

Escape are welcoming Lewis Young, animation director at Polar Media, and Alastair Cross, a visual effects artist who has worked on many vfx hits including The Martian, Pan and the forthcoming must-see movie of the year: Fantastic Beasts - And Where to Find Them.

We recommend coming along to free events like this one - it's a chance to find out about these amazing movies from two of the people who helped put them together.

The event starts at 6.30pm and lasts until 8pm.

What is this event about?
It's a chance to meet two talented ex-students who have made it in the VFX industry, and find out how they started their careers. The'll be discussing their experience and and how they broke into the industry.

Who is invited?
The event is open both to prospective undergraduate students at Escape Studios (don't worry, you only have to show an interest!), and also their current undergraduate students as well.

When - Wednesday 16th November 6.30pm - 8.00pm
Where - 190 High Holborn

How can you sign up?
You can do so here

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