Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Charge sync is Looking for Investors!

Chargesync, the tech company which commissioned a short film from Nano Films for their new product launch, has now gone live - actively looking for investors at investor.com.  Our students at Animation Apprentice made the short film (see above) for Chargesync as part of our Nano Films project, where we bring in small animation commissions to get our students live industry briefs for real clients.

What is Chargesync?
Chargesync is a tech company that makes electricity storage devices that people can put in their homes, saving money on their electricity bills and helping to reduce their carbon footprint as well.

Why make this film?
The purpose of the film is to help customers (and potential investors) understand exactly what it is that Chargesync do. Animation is a wonderful tool for taking complex ideas and getting them across in a simple, clear way. And this film was a great way for our students to get paid experience of working on a live freelance job - for a great company with a great message.

What is invesdor?
Invesdor is a website that helps small companies raise money for their projects. You can be an investor in the Chargesync project by following the link below.

What is Nano Films?
Charge sync was completed as part of our Nano Films project, our film co-operative which takes on small freelance animation jobs for commercial clients.

Who did the animation?
Animators from Animation Apprentice worked alongside graduates of Bucks New University, including director Monika Dzikowicz, combining forces on FaceBook to create the film.

Why do this kind of work?
At Animation Apprentice, we work hard to help our students find paid work, developing their skills and improving their demo reels.  Animating on projects like this is great training for a students' future professional life, much of which will be spent on client-facing projects. In the commercial world there is seldom enough time to finish the job as you would like to see it done. But, somehow or how other, you just have to do it anyway.

Congratulations to everyone who worked on Chargesync for doing such a stellar job.

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