Thursday, 8 October 2015

How To Get a Job as an Animator - By Tom and Tony Bancroft

Check out Tom and Tony Bancroft's podcast on How to Get a Job as an Animator.

I worked with both Tom and Tony Bancroft back in the days when the Disney Studio in Orlando, Florida was just a feldgling startup - long before it produced movies like Brother Bear and Mulan. We worked together as animation rookies on the short film "Rollercoaster Rabbit".

Both Tom and Tony excellent animators who went on to have a great career at Disney.  So what, exactly, do they say is the secret of getting a job?

To get the full answer, you'll have to listen to the podcast. But it won't surprise you to learn that it is vital to get the right training as an animator, and then practice, practice, practice.  According to Tom and Tony, it takes "about five years" to really master the art of animation.

As well as that, you need to network.  This is where it can be important to study with a school that has good connections to the industry - can they help open doors to the right places?

As Tom and Tony revealed rather candidly, both artists have always - without exception - found their work on the basis of a personal recommendation.

In other words, having a great demo reel or portfolio is vital - but it's not always enough.  Studios want to know the intangible stuff. Are you reliable? Will you show up on time? Will you crumple under pressure or will you deliver for a tight deadline? If a friend or colleague can vouch for you and say you can be relied upon to deliver the goods, then that makes a big difference.

Listen to the full podcast and learn from the masters.


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  1. Most importantly I would like to hear a podcast about how not to starve as an animator.

    Salaries remain on the low end of the bracket, very close to the poverty line.