Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Body Mechanics Mega-Pack - 12 Great Rigs by Joe Daniels for just $40

Joe Daniels describes himself as a Character Animator, storyteller, and cg generalist.  He is also a pretty hot rigger, and has put together a "Body Mechanics Mega Pack" of different animation rigs, perfect for animators learning motion mechanics.

The pack costs $40 (around £25), which isn't bad considering it includes twelve different characters.  We're recommending Joe's rigs for our students here at Animation Apprentice, at least for the early Modules where we concentrate on body mechanics rather than acting and facial expressions.

A student at Animation Apprentice recently wrote: "They're not free but well worth it as they're fun and easy to use and you can get great results from them. Plus they come in a variety of different models. "

To see how The rigs work, watch the video below.

BodyMech Rigs - Intro from joe daniels on Vimeo.

And to buy Joe's rigs, follow this link.

Of course, to complete our course you don't need to buy any rigs: there is a huge wealth of freeware out there that is perfect for learning animation. To see some of the free rigs that we recommend, follow this link.

And, to see more about different free rigs that we recommend, as well as some tips on how to use them, follow this link here.


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