Sunday, 22 February 2015

Animation Masterclass in London in April

Jason Schleifer of DreamWorks
This Spring from 10-12 April London will play host to the "World Animation Masterclass", featuring distinguished animation guests including Jason Schleifer, Head of Animation at DreamWorks, Ed Hooks, author of Acting for Animators,  Eamon Butler from Cinesite, and many other animation experts.  It looks like being an excellent way to gain an insight into the modern animation industry. So what can delegates to the conference expect?

When is it happening?
10-12 April 2015

Where is it taking place?
Vue Cinema Complex, Leicester Square, London.

Where can you can find out more?

We recommend that all our students attend industry events whenever possible. You will always learn new things, and events such as this are a great opportunity to make new connections. Who knows, you might even meet someone who is looking to hire animators!

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