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Giuseppe Candido Freelance Animator

Giuseppe Candido at
Giuseppe Candido is a graduate of Animation Apprentice who has built a successful career as an animator and 3D generalist, working on many and varied projects for a wide variety of clients.

We asked him to talk about his recent work, and what it takes to be a successful freelance animator.

Soluis: Design Visualisation
AA: What Work Have You Done Recently?

Giuseppe: I recently finished to work at Soluis, a studio based in London and Galsgow which deals with Architectural Visualisation ("ArchViz"), Camera paths, Constuction animations, Augmented Reality and Realtime in Unity and Unreal).

Cityscape Digital. In-house Visualisation
I have also been working recently at Cityscape Digital, an in-house Visualization Studio which blends Vfx and architecture in one shot, using motion tracking as well). 

AA: What is involved?

Giuseppe: My job title is "3-D construction animator and visualiser".  The role consists in create animated construction, buildings and architectural sequences also creating stills renders about external and internal visualisations.

AA: How did you get into this kind of work?

Giuseppe:  I applied to an agency which deals with architectural visualisation, augmented reality and real-time with unity and unreal.  This Agency specifically helps anyone who is or wants get a career in 3D architectural construction animation and visualization.

AA: Are you able to apply your skills as an animator and 3D artist?

Giuseppe: Of course. I could also use my previous knowledge as a 3D modeller but my main skill remains 3D animation .

AA: What new skills have you learned?

Giuseppe:  In this experience I could go through specifically on how to animate a good camera path, which I think is really important to sell an architectural building, and also I learned how to deal with CAD drawings and new modelling softwares for architectural and very important is the rendering as final result as a visualiser.  

AA: What advice would you give to a student who wants to find a job doing similar work?

Giuseppe: I would strongly suggest to focus in architectural modelling and animation, The render quality, how to manage a sequence animation and also a strong and solid understanding about camera path animation.

I have mentored tutorials in the digital tutors which explains how to rig a crane in 3DS Max if you interested ,and how to create an animation in Maya.

Those two tutorials give you a strong and solid knowledge and skills to apply on the different 3-D production environment.

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