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How Does Animation Apprentice Work?

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What, exactly, is in our course at Animation Apprentice? The full 30 week Course (plus a free bonus week!) includes 5 Modules, each of which builds on the one before, gradually improving your skills as you grow in confidence as an animator. The idea is that learning should be incremental, and that at the end of each exercise you should have a "eureka" moment that takes your work to the next level. By the end of the 31 weeks, our animators should have the skill and confidence to tackle any animation challenge.

Learn from home, at your own pace. We won't rush you or let you fall behind

So, here's how the modules work:

1. Maya Basics – 4 weeks
2. Locomotion Parts 1 & 2 – 8 weeks
3. Character Performance Parts 1 & 2 – 8 weeks
4. Animals & Creatures – 6 weeks
5. Demo Reel Review – 4 weeks
Total: 30 weeks

Module 1 – MAYA Basics (4 weeks)

This includes: a general introduction to Maya basics such as: Modeling, Texturing & Lighting, and some simple animation, such as animating an inanimate object and giving it life and personality.

CG Lighting - we just cover the basics. Image: Wikipedia

Module 2 – Locomotion (8 weeks)

This module is divided into two parts. Part 1 is about learning the basic mechanics of character locomotion: Part 2 is concerned with weight, flexibility, overlapping action, and physical character action, as well as how to study and use live action reference.
Module 3 – Character Performance (8 weeks)

This module is also divided into two parts. Part 1 is about learning the principles of mime and pantomime; how to use character poses to tell a story, and how to make your character give a physical performance. Part 2 is about learning dialogue and lipsync; here we dig deeper into acting and personality.

Module 4 – Animals & Creatures (6 weeks)

Here we tackle a variety of animals including quadrapeds, insects, and birds, showing how to combine animal locomotion with performance.

Module 5 – Demo Reel (4 weeks)

This final Module is all about building an impressive reel which will showcase your talent as a professional animator.

The course was designed and built by Animation Apprentice founder Alex Williams over the course of 25 years working in the animation industry, and almost 20 years of teaching animation. All the exercises have been extensively road-tested both in the classroom and online.

We stand by our methods, and we believe we offer the highest quality, best value animation course anywhere in the world.

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