Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Rocketseed - a short film animated by students at Animation Apprentice

Earlier this year students at Animation Apprentice worked on their first freelance commercial project: Rocketseed Email Solutions. Rocketseed is a tech company that offers clickable email banners, with built-in analytics so that a company's email can become an important marketing tool.

Rocketseed Email Media
The purpose of the film was to help their prospective customers understand exactly what it is that Rocketseed do, so that they can get their message across more quickly and effectively.

Animation is a wonderful tool for taking complex ideas and getting them across in a simple, clear way. And the film was a great way for our students to get paid experience of working a live freelance job.

The film was completed under the banner of Nano Films, our fledgling film co-operative which takes on small freelance animation jobs for very low rates. Animators from Animation Apprentice worked alongside animators from Bucks New University, combining forces at our Facebook studio to create an excellent short film.

At Animation Apprentice, we're delighted to be able to help our students find paid work, developing their skills and improving their demo reels.

It's also great training for their future professional life, much of which will be spent on client-facing projects, where there is seldom enough time to finish the job as you would like to see it done. But, somehow or how other, you just have to do it anyway.

Here's what the client had to say about the completed project:
"I just wanted to send a more formal thank you for the wonderful animation you have created for us. We really are delighted with it. Thank you as well for delivering such a quality production on time." 

Congratulations to everyone who worked on Rocketseed for doing such a stellar job.


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  1. Great effort by the team. Sweet simple animation. Key concepts, in most cases, conveyed clearly.
    I will look into throwing my hat into the ring for future collaborative films.