Friday, 2 July 2021

Webinar on Animation Jobs 7th July

Finding work
On 7th July at 5pm (UK time) I'm hosting a webinar courtesy of Escape Studios on finding work in the animation industry.  The animation industry is booming right now, with the job market busier than it has been since the 1990s, when "Lion King" caused an explosion in demand for animators.  

The animation business is hiring and, since Brexit has reduced the flow of European talent, UK animators are more in demand than ever.  But, standards are high, and you still need to put your best foot forward to find work in the industry.  

In this free one hour webinar, I will cover the ten steps every animation graduate needs to take to get hired.  Follow these ten steps, and you'll have your own foot in the door.

Finding Work in the Industry
The How do animation graduates find work in the animation industry? At Animation Apprentice we work hard to ensure that our graduates are well prepared to find work in their chosen field.  Jobs in the entertainment industry have always been highly competitive, but the animation industry is expanding rapidly and demand for talent has never been greater.

Official jobs postings, word of mouth, rumours in the pub, personal contacts, even cold-calling - all of these can be effective ways to find work in the business.  In the webinar we set out the ten key steps that we believe are vital for success.

Careers Resources at Animation Apprentice
We have many resources available at Animation Apprentice aimed at helping our students find work in the animation industry. To get started, see the blog posts below:


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