Thursday, 3 June 2021

"I Won't Apply Because I Don't Qualify" Arggh!!!!

Recently a superb graduate opportunity landed on my desk, a paid internship at a leading UK studio, and one which was not widely publicised. In fact, it was just for my students.  I posted the job at our Facebook Classroom so that around 150 students, past and present, could see it, and apply for the position.  It was a great opportunity, a paid gig with a prestigious company.  So, you might think that dozens of students would apply - but you'd be wrong. How many students do you think actually applied for the position? The correct answer 

One out of 150
Why didn't more students apply? That is a good question, to which I don't really have a good answer. 

"I'm not Qualified"
However, one student's comment offers a possible insight into the problem. The answer the student gave was this: "I didn't apply, because I didn't think I was qualified". 

Often students will look at a job description, which might request a certain amount of experience and/or knowledge of software, and think to themselves: "I don't have this experience, and I don't know all this software, so I won't get the job, so I won't apply". This is the wrong way to think.

Apply anyway
You should always apply even if you think you have only an outside chance of getting the job or internship. Why? Because, as in the case above, your chances are much, much, better than you think. Especially if you are the only one who actually got around to sending in the application form.

Always apply. 

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