Friday, 30 October 2020

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

What is the best free screen recording software? For Mac users, Quick Time offers a simple and free solution. 

Another excellent option is the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), which is free and highly effective. OBS is easy to install and free to use, for Windows and Mac devices.

About OBS
OBS is a free and open-source recording program maintained by the OBS Project. There are versions of OBS available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. It's a useful piece of software, with the great advantage of being free.

Beginner's Guide
To see how to use OBS Studio, watch the video above. 
1. Start in the Sources box, select the + sign, and then go to "Display Capture". 
2. Make sure that "make source visible" is checked. 
3. Once you've selected a source (such as your screen display), click the “Start Recording” button at the bottom right corner of the window. OBS will immediately begin recording. 
. Under Settings/Output, there is a list of options under “Recording” (it's about one-third of the way down the page). You can then choose the “Recording Path” which is the location where your OBS recordings will be saved. On a Mac, by default the path is Users/yourname/Movies. 
4. Also under Output you can choose what file type you want to generate. By default OBS selects .flv, but you can change this to .mp4 or .mov
OBS pause button
5. Click the “Stop Recording” button when you want to stop.  OBS will automatically save your video when you stop recording. 

Pause Button
Best of all OBS now has a pause button, which means you can pause in mid-recording to make a cup of tea or answer the front door.

Why OBS?
OBS is very useful if you need to record a video of your screen. Let's say you are a new student having some technical trouble with Maya, and the problem is hard to explain in words alone. One easy solution is to record a video showing exactly, click by click, what is going wrong - a video which can then be uploaded to our Facebook classroom, so that others can help you solve technical problems. 

OBS Official site
To find the OBS official site, visit

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