Friday, 25 September 2020

Moon Rockz Wins "Best Sci-Fi" at Flicks

We are delighted to announce that the short film "Moon Rockz", written and directed by Molly Babington, has won an award for "Best Sci-Fi" at the Flicks Film Festival.

"Moon Rockz" was a collaboration between students at Animation Apprentice and Escape Studios, involving Animation Apprentice students Jonathan Humphries and Matt Neputin.

Moon Rockz
"Moon Rockztells the story of the moon landings from the point of view of the moon, and has also been a finalist at five other international film festivals.  

Moon Rockz Storyboard
Moon Rockz was based on an original idea by Molly Babington, who also did the storyboard animatic below:

Moon Rockz - Final Film
Below you can see the final film, and how it developed from the storyboards above.

Colour Script
"Moon Rockz" Colour Scripts
Colour scripts were also created by Molly for "Moon Rockz". The colour scripts were an essential first step in deciding the look and feel of the film, and what the textures and final lighting would look like.

Without colour scripts, the lighters would have lacked a coherent road map of where they needed to get to. To see more about the importance of colour scripts in animation, read this blog post.

Industry Feedback
Santiago Colomo
"Moon Rockz" also benefitted from studio feedback from DNEG animation supervisor Santi Colomo and Dara McGarry, Artist Manager at Double Negative.  Santiago and Dara joined us online via Google Meet and Syncsketch to offer feedback.

Santi helped the animation team push the standard of their work, helping them to make their shots more expressive, and better communicate what the characters are thinking and feeling.

Santi gave the Moon Rockz team the time to go through all the shots on the film, drawing expressive poses in Syncsketch and making sure that every shot was as good as it could possibly be.  All our animators got notes, and all of them were able to push their shots a little bit further before the final May 29th deadline.

"Moon Rockz" was animated in Autodesk Maya, edited in Adobe Premiere, and rendered in Arnold.

IMDB Listing
You can find "Moon Rockz" at the IMDB here. You can find the list of Winners at the Official Flicks Website here.

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