Monday, 24 August 2020

Why Don't Animation Graduates Find Work?

What is the Number One Reason why animation graduates don't find work in the animation industry? It isn't Corona Virus, it isn't that their demo reel isn't ready, and it isn't that they are not good enough or sufficiently qualified to find work. In fact, the No 1 reason why animation graduates don't find work in their chosen field the short video above to find out.

Why Don't Animation Graduates Find Work?
Artwork by Joe Gamble
OK, so you've watched the video and you now know the answer.  It seems so reductive to say to aspiring animators that if you don't apply for work, you won't find it; it is such an obvious point to make - why even make it? And yet, not applying for jobs is the default position for many aspiring artists.

Fear of Failure
It comes, most likely, from a lack of confidence, and a reluctance to take a risk on applying for something which might not work out. Aspiring artists need to remember that rejection is normal; you will be rejected not just by many but my most of the places you apply to.  Getting hired requires an almost perfect match of skills on your part and needs on the part of your employer. If the stars are not in alignment, it won't work out. So you have to apply to many, many companies, and keep applying. Do not be discouraged by failure - it is just a step on the road to success.

"Flame" by Amedeo Beretta
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