Wednesday, 19 August 2020

How to Find Work in the Animation Industry

How do you find work in the animation industry? First of all, don't be too worried by Covid-19.  The virus has certainly changed the jobs landscape, but the good news is that animation continues to flourish. Unlike live action filming, animation can be done remotely, and there is a large and growing demand for fresh animation content.  Here in the UK, many animation studios are still actively looking for talent.  Remote working is booming - consider the case of one of my former students, Daniel Baidoo, who is working from home in Malta for an Italian Animation Studio on a British TV Series.  Truly, animation has become a global business.

Jobs Post-Covid
Despite Covid, there are still many job opportunities out there.  But it remains true that the success in our industry doesn't necessarily go to the most talented - it goes to the most persistent, and the most determined.  Animators need to be able to work from home, and they need to be good at solving the kind of tech problems that come with home working. 

Polish your Demo Reel
Be the Rhino - develop a thick skin
Job one for all our graduates is to polish their demo reel, and make sure they are ready for work. Your demo reel is the single most important factor in getting noticed, and finding a job.  To see more about how to polish your demo reel, see this blog post.

Be the Rhino
Applying for jobs is a numbers game. Our graduates should be applying for many animation jobs, and keep applying for them, even if they get rejected.  Remember that rejection is normal and commonplace.  Develop rhinoceros hide - get used to rejection, and learn not to mind, at least not too much.  Rejection is not personal - it's just business, often simply because the timing wasn't quite right.

Jobs Resources at Animation Apprentice
We have many resources available at Animation Apprentice aimed at helping our students find work in the animation industry. To get started, see the blog posts below:

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