Sunday, 23 February 2020

Autodesk Certified Instructor

Recently I got an unexpected present in my Inbox - a badge of accreditation from Autodesk, the makers of Maya, as an official Autodesk Certified Instructor.

The badge of accreditation is a recognition of many years experience both using Maya on film productions (I learned to use the very first version, Maya 1.0, on Brad Bird's The Iron Giant) and also decades of experience in the classroom.

So thanks Autodesk for the vote of confidence - it is much appreciated.

Autodesk Academic Partner
Back in 2014 Animation Apprentice became an official Autodesk Academic Partner.

That meant that we became formally authorized by Autodesk to teach their software.

At that time we were very proud (and we still are) to be partnering with the leading industry software for digital animation, and delighted that Autodesk accepted us as an official partner.

Official Accreditation
Official accreditation means that our students can be sure that we are properly accredited by the company that makes and supports Autodesk Maya.

Maya is nowadays the leading industry software for animation and visual effects, used worldwide. In our home market of London, all the leading VFX houses use Maya for their animation pipeline.

There are of course many different 3D animation software packages, and you can create great animation with a number of them. But there is nothing to beat using the software that the rest of the industry is using. It makes it that much easier to find work, and means you are part of a pool of talent working on the same industry-standard platforms.

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