Tuesday, 28 January 2020

QC is Back - For a Few Guineas More

At the end of 2019 I published my 10th "Queen's Counsel" book - "For a Few Guineas More", a collection of the best cartoons published over the last six years in law pages of The Times.

I started drawing Queen's Counsel back in 1993, when newspapers were still pretty much the only way that people got their news. And every self-respecting lawyer read the law pages of The Times on Tuesdays.

At a pupillage interview candidates would always be asked "what newspaper do you read?". It was a question with just one correct answer; only The Times covered the law in serious detail.

This is the book I'm most proud of - it's the first book in full colour throughout; the cartoon strip finally went into colour in The Times in 2010.

You can buy "For a Few Guineas More" from amazon here.

About Queen's Counsel 
Queen's Counsel is a satire on law and lawyers. It started in the early 1990s when I was working as a research assistant at the House of Commons for a Member of Parliament, and I sketched up a strip cartoon about politicians. It didn't quite work with politics, but with wigs and gowns the characters found a new life as lawyers.

To see how the cartoon strip came about, and how the characters were designed, watch the video below.

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