Friday, 12 July 2019

"Eat Drink Animate" by Tom Sito

Who knew animators could cook? Tom Sito, USC animation professor, co-director of Osmosis Jones and Emeritus President of the Animation Guild, has written a cookbook celebrating the recipes of animation artists.

"Eat Drink Animate" is where you can learn the secrets of Walt Disney's chili and and Tissa David's Hungarian Goulash.

I should declare an interest here - the book includes one of favourite recipes, Poisson a la BAFTA, which was reverse-engineered a few years ago from a dish I liked so much while dining at BAFTA Piccadilly that I decided to try and make it myself.

Tom is a prodigious author, with many books on animation and animation history to his name.

In June Tom was at the Annecy film festival, selling signed copies of his work alongside Ross Anderson, who was promoting his new book on the Making of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Both books are excellent, and a welcome addition to any animation library.

Back in the day, the animators who worked on Ratatouille all got cooking lessons, courtesy of Pixar, to help them understand what working in a Michelin starred restaurant is all about.

The animators who worked on Finding Nemo got to go scuba diving.  And the animators who worked on Wall-E?  Well, they got to visit trash dumps. Which just goes to show that even at Pixar life isn't always a bed of roses.

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