Monday, 15 July 2019

Dialogue and Lipsync Tutorial

Dialogue by Joris Van Laar
We've uploaded a new tutorial on animating Dialogue & Lipsync to our Vimeo channel.

In this 8-part video, we explain how to approach the challenge of animating dialogue and lipsync, breaking the process down into a simple, dependable workflow.

Dialogue and Lipsync
One of the most common problems encountered by student animators is how to animate dialogue and lipsync.

After all, in animation you get nothing for free. You start off with a digital puppet, usually in a stiff "T-pose", and have to figure out the rest yourself.

There are six short videos to watch:
  1. Setting the Scene - introduction
  2. Study the Clip - think about the dialogue
  3. Blocking the Jaw - animating the "Open and Close"
  4. Blocking the Corners - wide and narrow mouth shapes
  5. Blocking Lips - lip shapes
  6. Moving to Splines - smoothing your curves
  7. Adding Final Touches 
  8. Summing Up - Final Thoughts
As with most of our tutorial videos, these are password-protected and available only to current and past students.

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