Thursday, 7 February 2019

Meet AZRI by Matthew Bachnick

We're liking the look of the new free AZRI Rig, a new animation rig for Maya 2018 and above, created by Matthew Bachnick.

AZRI is aimed at game animation, allowing users to achieve a high frame rate even when working on older or lower-spec machines.

The license allows for educational and non-commercial use.

Download AZRI
Download the .zip file and unzip the contents, retaining the hierarchy such that the folder structure has the textures folder at the same level as the main Maya file so the textures load correctly.

For a tutorial, you can see the AZRI Rig Basics tutorial page for more details on the unique features of this rig here.

The AZRI Rig is provided via a standard NonCommercial License. The rig is free of charge, for education and non-commercial purposes. The AZRI character remains the property of Matthew Bachnick, whose work you should always credit.

To find out more
Visit the official site.

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