Friday, 16 November 2018

Samson Horse Rig by Joel 3D

We're liking this Samson Horse Rig by Joel 3D, available for free download here.

The horse rig is based on the character "Samson" from Disney's 1950s classic Sleeping Beauty.

The rig is an elegant design, with few major weaknesses. We've tested it in the classroom and it works well.

Samson from Sleeping Beauty
The model was created by Hung Vodinh and the rigging was done by Joel Anderson. The design appears to be based more or less on "Samson" from Sleeping Beauty, so the copyright in the rig is probably ultimately owned by Disney, making this rig strictly for non-commercial use.

To get the best use of Samson, make sure you click on the little blue cross labelled FKIKSpine_M and, in the Channel Box, change FKIKBlend to 10. This will give you more flexible control over the shoulders and backside of the horse.

What can it do?

Above is some excellent wild horse animation by Animation Apprentice graduate Giuseppe Candido, based on live-action reference.

Contact Joel Anderson
If you are interested in purchasing any of Joel's rigs or have questions, you contact him by email -

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