Thursday, 22 November 2018

Faster Playback Promised for Maya 2019

At yesterday's BlueGFX Expo in London, Autodesk's Morgan Evans gave the keynote speech, an introductory talk promising animators plenty of new goodies in the newest release of Maya.

In particular, Evans heralded much faster playback in Maya, through a new "cached playback" feature, ensuring that the Maya Viewport doesn't have to grind its way through every polygon in order to give the user real-time playback.

It should also give animators much faster Playblasts, so that Maya animators can test their work much faster. When will this be coming? "Soon", said Morgan Evans.

The problem
At things stand, animators tend to experience slow playback speed on heavy-rigged and high-poly characters; which is one of the reasons we tend to use simple low-poly rigs at Animation Apprentice. Simple rigs permit animators to get real-time playback in their viewport, greatly speeding up the animation process.

The solution
Autodesk's solution to the problem is a "cached playback" feature, which promises to make playback much faster.  If Autodesk can deliver on this promise, it will make a big difference to animators, both students and also professionals working on production, where rigs tend to be high-poly and complex.

When is all this happening? "Soon", said Morgan, so (hopefully) this will be rolled out in the next Maya update.

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