Thursday, 8 November 2018

Alex Williams Animation Demo Reel

Recently a producer I've been working with asked me to cut a new demo reel - a single reel showcasing a selection of the best work I have done over the years.  Since I've been in the business so long, cutting an animation demo reel feels a bit like watching my life flash before my eyes. In my case, I started animating in the mid 1980s, so watching clips from older films like "Rollercoaster Rabbit" (1989) brings back a lot of great memories.  The best part is recalling some of the great projects I've been lucky enough to work on - such as The Lion King, The Iron Giant, and the Harry Potter series.

Cutting a reel is always tough. What should you include? What should you leave out? The general rule for cutting a reel is the same for everyone - just include your best work, and leave out the rest.

I generally get someone to else to cut my work, because we all need a good editor, someone who is dispassionate enough to include only the very best, and leave out the rest.

To see our 12 step guide to creating a great demo reel, follow this link.

Many thanks to student animator Sebastian Kuder for cutting this latest demo reel. You can see Sebastian's work at his website here.

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