Thursday, 28 June 2018

Keepvid is Dead. Long Live Apowersoft, the website that used to be very useful for downloading video from YouTube, doesn't work anymore, most likely due to copyright problems.

So, what's an animator to do, when you need to download reference footage from YouTube? There are a number of sites that work well, including Apowersoft - a very useful website for downloading video.

Why download?
Animators need reference; we need to download reference footage from YouTube in order to do our work. YouTube, and other sites, have become indispensable sources of reference footage for animators, especially when doing photo-realistic animal locomotion.

Download Solutions
We asked our students which sites they use to download video for reference for animation.

  • Ant Video Downloader is a site that has worked well over a number of years
  • Apowersoft, online video downloader - and my personal favourite. 
  • - you can select the media type and resolution to download. Simple and free (minus the odd pop-up advert)
If you know of any better ones, please post them in the comments section below.

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