Thursday, 28 June 2018

Download Reference Footage at, the website that used to be very useful for downloading video from YouTube, doesn't work anymore, most likely due to copyright problems.

Animators download reference footage from YouTube all the time, not for the purposes of copyright violation, but so that we can step through the video, frame by frame, and study the mechanics precisely.

Now that Keepvid isn't working, there are a number of other sites that work well, including - a very useful website for downloading video.

Downloading Reference Footage
Animators need reference; we need to download reference footage from YouTube in order to do our work. YouTube, and other sites, have become indispensable sources of reference footage for animators, especially when doing photo-realistic animal locomotion.

Download Solutions
We asked our students which sites they use to download video for reference for animation.

Desktop solutions
It you can't get the online downloaders to work, you may have to download some software.
Try the 4K Video Downloader. It’s isn’t web based; you have to install it and run the application. But it’s working well, as of December 2019.
If you know of any better ones, please post them in the comments section below.

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    seems ok as well

  2. To download the video from YouTube, many methods we could find on the Internet. There are many online tools can save the YouTube video as video or audio directly. However, this methods will be greatly influenced by the Internet performance. Screen recording software with video edit functions would be more appreciated. For example Renee Video Editor Pro is one of my favorite choice when I want to make screen recording for teaching classes. It can record and mark the movement of the mouse. Besides, it also provides zoom in and out function in recording. Also, its built-in video editing functions like cutting, merging, video joining, adding background music and subtitle really help me improve my quality. Hope you can find a suitable screen recording from the list.