Monday, 22 May 2017

Henry Fenwick Animator at Jellyfish Pictures

Many congratulations to Animation Apprentice graduate Henry Fenwick, who is back at Jellyfish Pictures, working on the new Dennis the Menace  TV series for the BBC.

Henry got his first job at Jellyfish back in 2015, and getting asked back to the studio to work on further series work is a testament to Henry's skills as an animator.

Jellyfish was founded in 2001 and since then has grown into one of the leading boutique visual effects and animation houses in London, starting from VFX origins and expanding into TV character animation work.

Dennis the Menace!
We're thrilled to see our graduates winning positions at leading animation and VFX houses like Jellyfish.  Jellyfish does advertising, television and film work in both London and New York, and have worked on both TV animated series as well as feature films.

Henry started out in the 3D Layout department, an excellent place to polish his skills in cinematography and visual story telling, before moving on to the animation department.

Henry got his first job after doing a 24 animation test at home, which he described as "pretty full on...I had to stay up until four in the morning to get it done on time".

To see more of Henry's work, see his demo reel and website here.

Henry Fenwick Animation Demoreel 2016 from Henry Fenwick on Vimeo.

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