Wednesday, 24 February 2016

What is FMX?

FMX is the visual effects industry's biggest annual shindig. It takes place in Stuttgart every year - this year from April 26th to April 29th.

FMX is big, bustling and crowded. It's a super-busy congress of people who work in the global visual effects industry, getting together to show their best work and hang out with their friends and colleagues.  Everyone shows up - including recruiters - and there are lectures, screenings and panel talks on every imaginable aspect of the visual effects process.

How much does FMX cost?
For students, it costs €150 to get in to the whole event (€75 for the day), plus you will have travel and accommodation to deal with.  But as a window into the VFX world - there is nothing like it. It is the biggest event in the Europe. Below is the 2016 teaser to get you into the mood.

What's FMX all about?
FMX not just about looking at beautiful VFX work. There is business to be done as well. Make sure you polish your demo reel and your online portfolio - all the big VFX houses will be there in force, competing to hire the best graduates and spot the new rising stars.

Do recruiters attend?
They do. This will be a perfect opportunity to chat to recruiters and find out what kind of talent they are looking for, what the latest trends are in the business; what skills are in short supply. Remember that if you meet recruiters in person they are much more likely to look favourably on your application for a job. It's human nature to favour someone you already know, or have met already, over a complete stranger.

How big is FMX?
Pretty big.  I went to FMX a couple of years ago, and I was stunned by the breadth and scope of the event. After all, who thinks of Stuttgart when they think of visual effects? But Stuttgart is to VFX what Annecy is to Animation, and what Cannes is to film. It is, quite simply, the place to be.

Do you need to speak German?
No.  You don't have to speak German. Almost everything is conducted in English. And, nowadays, the Germans speak better English than we do. Still, it does help to learn a few words and phrases to show willing.

Where can I find out more?
You can see the FMX website here for more details.

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