Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Free Animation Webinar Tonight at 5PM!

Spider animation by Steve Woodhouse
I'm doing a live animation webinar tonight, hosted by Escape Studios, at 5pm UK time, teaching students how to do some creature animation using Autodesk Maya.

We'll be tackling spiders - demonstrating how to break down complex motion into simple parts - to get a sophisticated result.

So if you fancy animating some creepy crawlies join me tonight, Wednesday 17th February at 5PM. To sign up, follow this link!

What's this all about?
It's a free live animation webinar tonight at Escape Studios.  The subject is... animating spiders!

Where and when?
5pm GMT tonight, Wednesday 17th February

What software will you need?
Autodesk Maya

What rig will we use?
You can find a link to the free spider rig here. You'll have to register at Creative Crash and download the rig.

How does the rig work?
Here is a link to a useful blog post explaining how it works.

Where can I sign up?
Follow the link to our official site

How does the webinar work?
I'll be going through all the necessary steps to animate the spider, taking things slow so it's all clear, and also answering questions. You will also be able to download the video from Escape Studios after the event, so that you can go over the material in more detail in your own time.

To find out more about Animation Apprentice, click here for a link to Frequently Asked Questions. To sign up for our next classroom at Animation Apprentice, follow this link

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