Monday, 28 September 2015

Success! Animation Apprentice Student Benn Garnish Lands a Job on Cinesite's "Charming"

Charming is due for release in 2016
Animation Apprentice Student Benn Garnish has landed a job as a senior animator a Job on Cinesite's debut feature film "Charming"

Charming is produced by John Williams (one of the producers of "Shrek") and is being directed by Ross Venokur (Animal Crackerz).

The film has begun production at Cinesite’s MontrĂ©al studios.

Charming describes itself as "an irreverent animated comedy that re-imagines the tales of three iconic princesses: Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, who find they are all engaged to the same Prince Charming".

Benn had to relocate to Montreal to get the job, where national and local tax credits have made Canada a very cost-effective destination for the film and TV industry. 

Ben described himself as being delighted with the new job.  "I'm a senior animator and finally doing character work. It's a lot of fun."

Benn's previous projects include The Fast and the Furious. 

Benn got the job at Double Negative when a good friend working there put his reel forward to the Animation Supervisor. As he put it: "networking helps".

Benn described studying at Animation Apprentice as "really helping me to focus more on the story telling side of my animation, helping me to sell an idea better to the audience.  Which kind of counts for a lot!"

He also said that "getting feedback from Alex with all his experience has definitely pushed my animation in a much better direction. Thinking not only about the motions and body mechanics of a character but getting into the head of the character to make them feel alive has really pushed my animation to a whole new level."

Benn offers the following advice for students"

"I would tell anyone who is trying to break into the industry to just practice and practice and practice! Once you know the theory, then it is a case of applying those theories to your animation. And, like any art form, it just takes time to perfect. It has been about six years of animation for me, and I feel I am only just starting to get it!"

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