Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Escape Studios Integrated BA/MA in Computer Animation Launches in September 2016

Escape Studios Integrated BA/MA in Computer Animation
Escape Studios are London's leading provider of short courses for the visual effects industry. They have an excellent track record in placing students in the growing animation and VFX industry in London and around the globe. Now, as a part of Pearson college, they are launching a new four-year BA/MA in computer animation in September 2016. I will be designing, running and teaching the course. I am very pleased to be going back to teach at Escape, where my animation students will benefit from the very deep understanding of visual effects work that Escape can provide.

The new course in computer animation will of course have a strong focus on character and creature animation, which is my own personal passion and what I love to teach. However, we will also dig deep into the visual effects skillset so that all our graduates have good general VFX skills. In particular, we will have a strong focus on the non-keyframe elements of animation in Maya. Dynamics, Simulation, and Effects will all be covered in detail.

That doesn't mean that I won't continue to work to make Animation Apprentice the very best online animation school, and make the course as good as I possibly can. Teaching in the classroom helps me develop new materials for the online course, helps me to develop new ideas, and keeps my own skills sharp.

In addition, the other tutors at Escape are exceptionally knowledgeable - they are people who really know their stuff.

The industry is changing fast and we want to make sure that all our graduates have the right skillset to find work - and enjoy a long and successful career in the industry.

To read more about the course, follow this link.

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