Sunday, 12 July 2015

BAFTA Guru - Free Resources on Film-Making

BAFTA Guru is a wonderful resource for aspiring film-makers. The website features free videos on just about every aspect of the film-making process, from animation to cinematography and raising finance for independent film. Mystified by how the film industry actually works? Check out some of the free videos, almost all of which are created by masters of their craft, people at the top of their game, passing on their skills to the next generation.

Not unlike LA Film-maker, you can learn about production design, acting, writing - it's like having your own private mentor, just a click away. One of the best features of the digital revolution is the access - essentially unique in human history - to resources for learning and studying.  Once upon a time this information was sealed within the walls of universities and guilds - now it is available for all to learn.

We highly recommend that all our students take advantage of this wealth of free online resources to broaden their skills, and learn as much about the film , TV and games industry as possible.

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