Thursday, 9 July 2015

10% Discount on our Online MA in Animation Extended Through August

Learn Character and Creature Animation
Our new online MA in Animation, developed in partnership with Bucks New University, is still welcoming applications and, if you hurry, you can still get a 10% discount on the fee! Bucks has extended the deadline until the end of August. We're excited to be launching the world's first degree of this kind, and we're getting applications from all over the world, including the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Some of the applicants are very talented indeed, many of them professional animators looking to broaden their skills and also gain a qualification suitable for teaching in higher education around the world. So how does the application process work, and what can applicants expect?

How do I apply?
To apply for the online MA in Animation, follow this link to the official course page. The course page includes a link to download a PDF application form, and an email address to send the completed form to.

Do I need a portfolio?
Yes. To see more detail on what should go into your portfolio, follow this link.

Do I need an undergraduate degree? 
Ideally, yes. We need to be certain that you can do written work at undergraduate level, in order to progress to Master's level.  You will need a full understanding of the principles of academic writing including the ability to use inline citation techniques such as the Harvard Referencing system

What does the online MA involve and what does it cost?
For a complete description of what's in the course, how much it costs, and how it all works, follow this link. Make sure you apply before June 1st to get your 10% discount!

How we do interviews
How does the interview process work?
We will set up a Skype interview so we can chat about your previous work, your portfolio, and have a general chat about what you hope to get out of the MA. This will usually happen within around 10 days of your application, though it can take a little longer at busy times of year.

How long will it take to find out if I have been accepted?
Following the interview, we aim to get you an answer within ten days. Again, at busy times of year it may take a little longer.

What if I have questions about the application process?
The Bucks New Uni admissions department is always ready to answer questions about applying to Bucks. You can email them at

High Wycombe - a place you may never see!
Do I have to come to the UK to do this degree?
Absolutely not. This is purely online course and we welcome applications from all over the world. We do not require any of our students to be physically present at any time here in the UK. We'll invite you to the graduation ceremony though!


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