Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Calling All Character Designers! Time to Enter the Character Design Challenge!

Character Design Challenge!
Calling All Character Designers! Why not polish your design skills by entering the monthly Character Design Challenge? It's a bit like the Eleven Second Club, but for character designers. The group already has an astonishing twenty five thousand members - and growing fast.  So what is it all about, and how does it work?

What is the Character Design Challenge?
The Character Design Challenge is a community open to any artists who want to create and share their own unique design of a chosen theme every month.

Who created it?
The CD Challenge was created by the Character Design References Team, a group of artists living in Dublin, Ireland.

How does it work? Every month the Character Design Challenge present a new challenge where artists can submit their unique interpretation of a chosen theme and share the links for their own blog/online store to promote their work.

What are the rules?
Everything posted by contestants must be approved by the CD Challenge first. Spammers are banned.

What's it for?
The CD Challenge was created having in mind "two major issues" that many artists face today:
  1. A busy working life that leaves little time for any extra work.
  2. The importance of building a following of fans, for personal projects that might need an audience, such as Kickstarter.
How many artworks can you submit?
One single artwork (a single pose of a character in any medium. A sketch is fine).

How is the winner chosen?
Three winners are chosen by the CD Challenge judges every month and their works are shared on their Facebook and Pinterest pages. This means that they reach a potential audience of 500.000 art enthusiasts.

Is the CD Challenge at Facebook?
Yes! - You can find them at Facebook here

What are the rules?
You can check all the rules to participate here

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