Monday, 9 February 2015

Should Animators Critique One Another's Work?

One of the hardest skills for animation students to learn is how give and receive criticism. The craft of animation requires not just technical skill but also the ability to give a performance. Animators are actors, with a pencil or a mouse, and - just like actors - they must learn to take direction. Being able to take notes, and also give notes, is part of the process. Working on production involves not just pleasing a director but also pleasing your professional colleagues. After all, if the other animators on a film like your work, the chances are good that the director will too.
Notes being given at our Facebook Group

Here at Animation Apprentice we have a Facebook classroom where our students post their work for critique, ask technical questions, and also discuss the latest industry trends.  It's closed group, so everyone can post their work safe in the knowledge that the only people who can see it are other students on the course.  We all start off feeling shy about our work, but as we grow in confidence it gets easier to post test animation and get constructive feedback.

It is good practice for working in industry, not just to solicit comments, but also to learn to be able to give constructive criticism. Animators help each other out on production all the time by giving one another tips and suggestions, and your best resource at a new studio is often the person sitting next to you.

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